Welcome to Frank's private homepage

A few tools i wrote and a few Links i collected :)

Last changes
13. Februar 2020
CheckSome 1.4 added optional mediainfo support for pictures and movies
24. Januar 2020
CheckSome 1.3 add 64-bit creation and modification filedates
Iconshock browser update - new history combobox, minor changes to unify source structure
14. Sep. 2019
Linux Installer V 0.81 ONLY for linux experts for now, first working SO inspector
10. Sep. 2019
Linux System Info V 0.83 update to support Neptune 6 and mxLinux
28. August 2019
Linux System Info V 0,82 update to support Suse 15.1 and zypper
25. August 2019
Linux Installer V 0.80 first release ONLY for linux experts
19.August 2019
Linux installer started, Version 0.5 uploaded